Gathered Kindred
Gathered Kindred
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Welcome to Gathered Kindred

A space for faith-filled homemakers, homeschoolers, and mothers seeking Truth, beauty, and goodness.

About Gathered Kindred

From blogging, to Instagramming (is that a real verb?), for the past decade - all throughout my marriage, motherhood, and new homeschooling journey... I have found that although social media can be a beautiful gift if used properly, it is also a huge hindrance to the mission in which I find myself passionate to share about. 

I had the growing desire to cultivate a true community of Jesus loving moms, homeschoolers, and homemakers outside of social media since we moved into a camper on our best friend's farm, and no longer had easy access to internet nearly two years ago. Although this space is still on said internet... it's away from the distraction, noise, and numbers that come along with Instagram or Facebook.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg... with Gathered Kindred, my hope and prayer is that we can foster camaraderie with one another in a genuine way that spurs one another on in living a godly lifestyle that enriches one another through Gospel truths, appreciating the beauty of God's creation, and seeking goodness in all that motherhood offers us. 

I want Gathered Kindred to be so much more than simply my own knowledge, choices, and limited wisdom to share... I want this to be a true space off of social media (away from algorithms, comparison battles, and the endless vortex of being sucked into watching cute duckling videos and beautiful houses) and rather, a cultivation of true community.

What's included?

In the last year and a half since creating my "new" Instagram account, I've honed in on homemaking, homeschooling, motherhood, and practical ways to implement God's truth from His Word in our daily life. I'll be sharing all of that, and more. However, this is also a community. I don't plan for this to be a one way street. My hope is that we can all learn, glean, and share how God teaches us in all the different aspects we'll discuss within this space.

Here's what you'll get from me:

  • Mini-Courses - many topics like habit-training, creating sustainable routines, faith formation, homeschooling, and homemaking skills like sourdough, homemade cleaning products, meal planning, and more.
  • Resources - my favorite books, podcasts, tons of editable templates, my personal planning sheets, Bible studies, our own schedules and routines, meal planning, recipes, and more.
  • Literary Society - a virtual book club! Going through classic novels, homeschool reads, and motherhood. Wonderful book recommendations for women and mothers in any season.
  • Monthly Group Video Chat - based on topics selected by the community
  • Community - actual people; like-minded women, will be in this space, whom we all get to actually communicate and build connections with. My hope is you'll even be able to find some local-to-you so you can become friends in real life.

If you desire to slow down, live intentionally, be a great mom, homeschool, create a loving, godly, thriving atmosphere in your home... then I think you'll really like it here.